Augmented Reality - Unity 3D developer

What you will be doing:

As a member of the Triton project team you will need to research, design, develop, deploy and maintain augmented reality applications that will transform the human computer interface for the Triton Lifesaving system. Augmented reality is a new and developing field, and the ideal candidate will need to have a strong learning ability to keep up to speed. You will be using Microsoft HoloLens and possibly other AR platforms to provide deeper mission control capabilities for Triton. The goal would also include the development of an AR framework to allow field operations personnel to interface with Triton in a more intuitive manner. 

What we hope to see in you:

  1. Unity 3D development skills
  2. Strong ability to learn and adapt
  3. 3D & Spatial development understanding
  4. Hands on experience on HoloLens or any AR platform is a plus

All candidates must have atleast a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field.