Computer Vision Engineer

What you will be doing:

As a member of the INDUS project team you will need to research, design, develop, deploy and maintain computer vision applications that will form a critical component of the INDUS autonomous farming robot. The implementation will improve the onboard perception of the robot and its functions on the farm. It will require the correlating data from point clouds overlayed with information from the ML algorithms and image classifcation. A strong candidate would have an understanding of 3D geometry in CV, object tracking & detection.


  1. OpenCV

  2. Point Cloud Library

  3. Basic Knowledge of Deep Learning Frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch Etc  

What we hope to see in you:

  1. Well versed with the popular Computer Vision frameworks such as OpenCV and Matlab and CV tasks such as: Calibrating cameras, epipolar geometry, matching feature points, edge detection etc.

  2. Solid understanding of linear algebra, multi-view geometry, numerical optimization

  3. Excellent C/C++ coding, strong engineering practices, debugging/profiling skills, familiarity with multi-threaded programming

  4. Experience in working with Point Cloud and the PCL library

  5. Basic knowledge of Deep Learning Frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch or similar.

  6. Ability to keep track, understand and deploy new research findings in Computer Vision.  

  7. Experience with CUDA/OpenCL, OpenGL a plus

All candidates must have atleast a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field.