Automotive Design Engineer

What you will be doing:

As a member of the INDUS project team, you will need to research, design, develop and improve core components and accessories needed for the INDUS, farming robot. INDUS is a fully autonomous ground rover, designed for extensive use in actual farms. You will be required to iterate designs of the chassis, drive mechanism and accessories such as a seeding plough, deweeding pump and harvester. The ideal candidate would have hands-on knowledge of designing farming equipment or small robust rovers. The candidate should also be able oversee the quick prototyping of the design in our fabrication lab. You will be required to travel to our test sites to validate designs.

What we hope to see in you:

Has designed and fabricated a rover, automobile or something comparable, and can showcase efforts during interview process

  1. Experience in creating Automobile or farming equipment using CAD, CAM and FEA packages in designing softwares such as Solidworks or Fusion 360 by Autodesk

  2. Understanding or hands on experience in fabrication techniques, enabling quick prototyping of the designs. Drishti has a dedicated prototyping lab equipped with 3 Axis CNC mill, 3D printers, lathe and various other tools.

  3. Ability to document the project details & develop quality standards for future projects and for reference of other staff in the organization

  4. Hands on experience and knowledge about agricultural equipment would be beneficial.

All candidates must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering preferably Automobile or Production Engineering.