Business Strategy Manager

What you will be doing:

As a core member of the Drishti Works team, you will essentially need to lead all non engineering aspects of the company. Working directly with our CEO, you will formulate strategy to maximize the business impact of the products of the company. You will need to have capability in finance, marketing, product strategy and client management. The Ideal candidate will have an engineering background and innate capability to understand the products and their value proposition.

This is a challenging business position that will test and hone your all rounded skills. Candidates that believe they are on a CEO career path should apply.

What we hope to see in you:

  1. Well versed with finance, capable of supporting the CEO in fund raising activities

  2. Knowledge of marketing and branding and able to lead a marketing team

  3. A fundamental understanding of the product, and ability to work with clients/ customers to help take our products to market.

  4. Belief in the products that we are building and promise of the technology spaces we are working in

  5. Keen business understanding and adaptability, enabling you to perform in these various roles and manage the workload of a startup environment

  6. Any entrepreneurial experience is a plus

  7. Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or Diploma in Technical field

  8. MBA or comparable postgraduate diploma business programs

  9. 0-2 years of work experience