Robotics Software Engineer

What you will be doing:

As a member of the INDUS project team you will need to develop the behavioural and control systems, including planning and navigation needed for autonomous farming. You will be required to work with the Robot Operating System (ROS). INDUS is a ground based autonomous farming rover. The ideal candidate would have hands on knowledge of ROS and its key planning packages. An understanding of computer vision and ML would be an added advantage to help integrate with other subsystems.

What we hope to see in you:

  1. Strong C++/Python programming skills is a bare necessity.

  2. Basic knowledge on implementation of planning algorithms such as A* and Dijkstra.

  3. Working knowledge of ROS and packages such as move_base.

  4. Any core C application development is a plus.

  5. Experience in participating in E-Yantra, Robocon or other similar robotics competitions. Similarly, any participation in clubs or recreational robotics would help.

All candidates must have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a related field(Computer Engineering, Electronics/Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering).

A master’s degree in the aforementioned fields is preferred.