Embedded Systems Engineer

What you will be doing:

As a member of robotics team, you will need to design, develop, and validate the embedded hardware and software interfacing for new products at Drishti Works. You will be interfacing sensors and actuators with microcontrollers (such as arduino variants) and microprocessors (ARM based embedded boards). You will also be responsible for designing custom embedded boards as per the requirements of the products. You will be staffed on a specific use case such as the Triton lifesaving system, AURUS or ATLAS platforms.

A strong candidate would have an understanding of embedded systems, debugging techniques, power management systems, and device interfacing techniques. At Drishti Works, we work with Arduino variants, Ardupilot framework, Pixhawk Board, and Nvidia Jetson TX2. 

What we hope to see in you:

  1. Expertise in Embedded C, C++ is a must.
  2. Interfacing multiple Microcontrollers & Microprocessors (Arm Cortex M3/4/Arm A8/Core-i3/ATmega).
  3. Understanding of DC batteries and their charging/discharging operations.
  4. Interfacing of Sensors and Actuators (10 D.O.F. IMUs , Infrared, Ultrasonics, Optical Encoders).
  5. Usage of communication protocols such as CAN, MODBUS, i2C, Embedded Ethernet,RS-232,RS-485.
  6. Programming in Linux environment (Basic Level).
  7. Love for designing and building software and fiddling with hardware.
  8. Good understanding at all aspects of designing, development and test/validation of new products and features in embedded domain.
  9. Basic level of understanding in Python is a plus.
  10. Problem solving skills and operational comfort - both independently and in team settings
  11. Bachelor’s degree in Electrical or Electronics or Electronics & Telecommunications engineering
  12.  0-2 years of experience in Embedded domain (Must have worked on few embedded projects)