Collaboration with Solidworks

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Dirshti Works is proud to announce that it is has been selected into the SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur programme. Starting a business from the ground-up can be gruelling. In this day and age of technological advancement, the ability to generate a 3D model of a product, visualise it and simulate it in its working environment presents an individual or a team the promise of a fruitful outcome, long before the product is even fashioned in real life. SOLIDWORKS provides a splendid programme for young startups to help fulfil their mission of bringing innovative products to market.

Drishti Works exploited this opportunity in full capacity to develop its AURUS rover platform and ATLAS drone platform with unrivalled technical prowess. These products are designed to bring about social and technological development to the people of the nation. AURUS would serve as a platform for the implementation of different modules designed to do a specific task. ATLAS would serve as the surveillance and mapping platform that would either work independently or work in conjunction with AURUS.

Drishti is developing an autonomous UGV and a UAV platform that is capable of self deploying in a plethora of Search and Rescue operations. However, the current focus of the company is to build a massively scalable commercial product, a UGV to deployed for autonomously supporting the farming industry primarily deweeding and harvesting operations of the cotton crop. We are working closely with India’s largest seed manufacturing company for the development of this product. To capitalise on these opportunities, Drishti needed to design models of the desired products. It needed a product that would offer unparalleled CAD modelling and simulation capabilities. SOLIDWORKS proved to be the perfect platform with the provision of all the helpful tools. Detailed 3D models of the concepts were made using the plethora of tools available and each model was simulated in its working environment to check its performance and come up with the best iteration to the problem. This capability has enable the organisation to save a lot of time and money that would have otherwise been wasted on physical trial and error. The add-ins provided by SOLIDWORKS such as SOLIDWORKS Simulation, SOLIDWORKS Electrical and SOLIDWORKS Motion have provided a great deal of help for our specific requirements as a robotics startup. Drishti has taken full advantage of the CAD software to enable our design engineers to come up with innovative and unique solutions. We were further able to port our models into robotic simulation software that allowed for functional testing as well. The UGV platform, will be capable of autonomous Search and Rescue (SAR) and a beach based logistics vehicle.

The benefits don’t just stop on the software end; SOLIDWORKS offers online training in case of inexperienced users, co-marketing opportunities to aid both parties and a ton of online resources to help fledgling startups reach their destination and beyond. This have proved advantageous for Drishti Works at various levels in terms of getting their product from a few scribbles on the chalkboard to an actual physical working prototype, slated for mass production. Drishti aims to exploit these resources further to extend its outreach and maximise technological proficiency in the process.